What is Voloe and How Does it Work?

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Sign Up & Create a List Item

Start making your goals, wishes and dreams happen by writing them down.
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Let Voloe Help You
Accomplish Goals

Click the trophy button next to your list item to connect it with any experience Voloe is currently sponsoring.
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Share, Explore, and Find Inspiration

Be a part of the community by checking out the trending pages and the lounge to draw inspiration, and Voloe with friends and family to show what you're all about.

Quick Guide to Using Voloe

What is Voloe?

Voloe is now and it’s also the future. It’s more than listing your aspirations; it’s living your life. Your mind is for crafting goals, not memorizing them. With less details stored in your head, the more freedom you have for new ideas to grow.

Voloe is an online network designed to help you make a list to then share with friends and family. Making others aware of your goals, wishes, and dreams will give them meaningful knowledge into who you are and how they can support you. Chances are someone in your Voloe network will be able to assist you in accomplishing your list. The people you connect with have networks of their own. This compiles into an amazing environment where people are actively assisting each other to make dreams come true. Voloe’s theory is that social media could be used for this greater purpose. We believe so strongly in our theory that we commit to award nearly $1 million in estimated value to Voloe users to help prove it.

Voloe is a powerful way to document the things you want to accomplish in life. It’s a place to list long-term and short-term goals. Lifetime goals can be anything you wish to accomplish or experience in your lifetime. Intermediate goals are specific tasks you’d like to accomplish in the next six to twelve months. Daily goals correlate with the typical “To Do” list. Life's achievements are best shared with friends and family. With Voloe you can easily share ideas and completed goals through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Every list item created will have a “Like” button next to it. A “Like” is a vote of confidence, celebratory, encouraging, and indicates support. Feel free to “Like” all the incredible list items you see on Voloe.

We encourage following these guidelines when listing goals, wishes, or dreams:

  • Detailed—include enough detail that someone else could explain your goal
  • Realistic—have the goals fit into your personal life, career life, and/or school life
  • Quantifiable—be able to measure when the goal is complete
  • Time-sensitive—include a timeframe to keep track of when goals should be completed

Voloe will be working with numerous sponsors who want to help make people’s list items a reality. If you are an interested sponsor, you can email us at sponsors@voloe.com.

Most importantly, have fun being a part of the Voloe movement! Join today and enjoy exploring, discovering, accomplishing, and growing.