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  • Contest #109: San Diego Zoo Safari Park® Passes

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    GOAL: My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she loves San Diego and animals yet she's never been to the zoo.

  • Contest #108: Win $250 Cash

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    WINNER: Caleb Poe

    GOAL: Would like to build a tree house for my kids

    I have two small girls (4 and 2) who love to play outside. We have a couple nice size trees in the backyard that would be great for a tree house. I'm trying to decide on a design, while budgeting for the supplies.

  • Contest #107: GoPro HERO3® Camera with Accessory Kit

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    WINNER: Todd Johnson

    GOAL: I want to enter my artwork in a show 

    I do all kinds of art..clay (takes a lot of time) metal, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, recycled art and lots more...I have never sold anything and I put so much work into in and sometimes money in just supplies....a lot of time too...I don't know maybe I would just feel like someone liked my effort or work for a moral booster I think..people tell me all the time you should sell you stuff but I don't know how to do that or even get started..I made a couple calls to local art places but no return emails I'm sure they get a lot..idk kinda depressing sometimes when you put so much into a piece...but I do get a lot of joy giving my art way to people but it cost a lot of money sometimes on carvings of turquoise and things I hate to see them gone sometimes NOT FOR MONEY just I don't see them anymore. So I guess my goal would be to find someone on this app to maybe have a friend of a friend to direct me.

  • Contest #106: $50 Sephora® Gift Card

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    WINNER: Mayra Gutierrez

    GOAL: Work on me to make myself happier

    I have one body. A body that I will remain in until the day I die and yet I don't feel completely happy with myself. I want to work on making myself feel confident. I want to feel beautiful.

  • Contest #105: Win $100 Cash

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    WINNER: Jeremy Myers

    GOAL: Go out and enjoy a nice dinner with these two beauties. 

  • Contest #104: $50 Yard House® Gift Card

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    WINNER: Sara Zaragoza

    GOAL: Treat my parents to dinner...or lunch!

  • Contest #103: Win $100 Cash

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    WINNER: Marjorie Brown

    GOAL: My life's dream is to go on an African Camera Safari.

  • Contest #102: Amazon® Fire HD 6 Tablet

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    WINNER: Kevin Horan


    GOAL: Improve in my French Slang. I plan to go back to France soon, and before I do, I REALLY gotta brush up on my street talk. When you got the talk, you get the cred.


    Kevin H. is a recent UCI graduate. He loves languages and studying foreign affairs; anytime you talk to him he’s either learning some new language or learning about history. Suffice it to say, Kevin H. is a scholar. In high school Kevin started studying French and soon after got the chance to visit France, that’s when his love affair with France all started.


    In college, Kevin got to study abroad in France for an entire year and ever since then he’s been trying to get back to France. His dream has been to move to France and he’s finally achieved it, so now he needs to prepare himself. His Voloe goal was to improve on his conversational French and we at Voloe want to help, so we gave him a new Kindle tablet so he can practice on the go! Good luck with your move Kevin, and Congratulations!

  • Contest #101: $250 Southwest Airlines® Card

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    WINNER: Emma Kaufman


    GOAL: Attend Otakon 2016 and showcase my costumes there


              Cosplay is an amazing hobby full of beautiful costume design and dedicated fans behind it; cosplaying is art where the cosplayer will portray their favorite character from any form of media in a creative manner. Emma Kaufman has been cosplaying for some time now, her first foray into the world of cosplay was back in September of 2012 and she’s been obsessed with it ever since.

              Emma is currently an aspiring costume designer and her work in cosplay has just given her more and more experience to work with. She’s been able to master her craft more and more every day through different online tutorials. But what good is creating a work of art if you’re not allowed to show it off? That was Emma’s dilemma; she dreams of being able to go to Otakon, one of the largest and longest running conventions, and demonstrate her cosplay talent. Here at Voloe we saw her amazing cosplays and decided it’d be a shame if Emma couldn’t share her gift with the world. We decided to award her with a $250 SouthWest Gift Card!


    Keep on Voloe’ing Emma!

  • Contest #100: Win $100 Cash

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    WINNER: Shannon Nye


    GOAL: Take my cousins from Nebraska to Disneyland for the first time. This is their first time in California and outside of the Midwest. 


    Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to take my cousins from Nebraska to Disneyland. They had an awesome time! We all got completely drenched on Splash Mountain and wouldn't have it any other way!


  • Contest # 99: Bose SoundLink® Color Bluetooth Speaker

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    WINNER: Eric Corthell


    GOAL: "Attend one of every committee meeting in the Columbus Songwriters Association. I am the newly appointed Committee Director for the CSA. I need to be knowledgeable of all activities, so I need to attend as many meetings as I can."

  • Contest #94: Win $1,000 Dollars!

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    WINNER: Nicholas Krozel


    GOAL: “In the next 12 months, I would love to go back to Kalmar, Sweden & have the chance to see my class graduate. They mean the world to me. Two years ago I was an exchange student to Kalmar, Sweden & this upcoming June my class will be graduating. My goal is to be there with them to see them graduate. Leaving them was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life. However, the funds are not there to buy a plane ticket due to being generous to friends who never paid me back. If I had the chance to see them again, I would be forever grateful. I also made a campaign page for anyone who would like to read my story & donate. Everything counts & is much appreciated... Thank you Voloe & thank you to the Voloe community for possibly helping make my dream into a reality. I could not enter the SouthWest Airlines contest because they do not do flights to Sweden. So my only hope is to win this $1,000 because a plane ticket to Sweden is nearly $1,000. Thank you to all who vote for me & I hope I can turn this dream into a reality.”

    For Nicholas Krozel, getting to Sweden has been priority number one for the last couple of months. He set a goal for himself and has been doing everything in his power to reach his goal, including enlisting his friends’ help and signing up for Voloe. But what could be so important to Nicholas that he needed to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Sweden? Well that’s easy: friendship.

    Back in 2013 as a Rotarian, Nicholas was given the spectacular experience of travelling to Sweden to study abroad in Kalmar. His time in Sweden was one of the most memorable experiences ever, cap it off with making some amazing friends, and you have the formula for a delightful study abroad experience. Needless to say it was a real bummer for Nicholas to have to say his goodbyes. Now a year later his friends are graduating high school and he wanted so badly to be there for them and to celebrate their amazing accomplishment. Sadly though times seemed tough, and every day it was looking more and more like Nicholas wasn’t going to get the chance.


    Nicholas was reaching that point where things did not look good for him and his goal. He had started crowdfunding but things weren’t picking up. That’s when he posted on Voloe about his goal and here at Voloe we’re all about helping you accomplish your goals, wishes and dreams. Nicholas really moved the entire Voloe team with his dream, and we hope this $1,000 cash prize will help him reach his dreams. Congratulations and Bon Voyage!

  • Contest #98: $50 AMC® Theatre Gift Card

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    WINNER: Makena Costlow


    GOAL: Go to the $2 movie theater.

  • Contest# 97: Fitbit Flex® Activity & Sleep Wristband

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    WINNER: Angie Ortiz


    GOAL: “Keep moving. After knee surgery will be hard to go back to my exercise routine- I need motivation”

  • Contest #93: $100 Sur La Table® Cooking Gift Card

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    WINNER: Catharina Satola


    GOAL: “Cook Aji de Gallina from Scratch for Myself and my Boyfriend. Cooking aji de gallina from scratch is an all day event. It starts with boiling the whole chicken just the right amount of time to preserve juiciness while also creating your own broth to be used as a base for the sauce. I add my own flare to the recipe with carrots for color and sweetness, as well as habaneros for an extra kick. I like my aji hot. I've always played chef's assistant in the past with this recipe, but now I'd like to show off my kitchen prowess by taking on this challenge on for myself as head chef. And I won't forget the salt. :P”

  • Contest #91: MLB® Jersey of Your Choice

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    WINNER: Dago Rodriguez


    GOAL: “I’d like to visit Mexico. Are you ready? Let's spend more money and get some for souvenirs XD”


  • Contest #89: Amazon Fire TV®

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    WINNER: Lesley Tan


    GOAL: “Save money. As a college students, we are all trying to save money. My and my teammates live in an off campus apartment and we pay rent as well as utilities and cable. We have the cheapest cable that barely has any channels and it would be fantastic if we had another way to watch movies and tv shows together.”


    Lesley is an undergraduate student with a lot on her plate. When she’s not busy with work, she’s stressing about school work, or exams. Needless to say, college life is stressful for an undergraduate and Lesley is lucky to find some time to unwind and relax. On those rare cases she finds time to herself, Lesley will de-stress with a bit of TV. She loves to have TV marathons with her roommates to binge watch their favorite shows; their current favorites include “Once Upon a Time” and “Grey’s Anatomy”.


              TV is 9 out of 10 times the preferred method for a college student to unwind but cable bills can start to stack up. That’s why Voloe decided Lesley would be the perfect recipient of the Amazon Fire TV. Now she’s ready for endless TV marathons with her roommates! We wish Lesley luck with school and hope that the Amazon Fire TV will allow her to unwind after a tough week as an undergrad! Keep on Voloe-ing!

  • Contest #87: $400 Southwest Airlines® Card

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    WINNER: Allegra Givens


    GOAL: “Visit 21 countries before my 21st birthday. I'll be at 15 countries and counting by the end of May so its totally do-able!!”


  • Contest #85: GoPro HERO 3+® Camera

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    WINNER: Sara Zaragoza


    GOAL: "I want to capture my kids adventures."

  • Contest #84: $50 Amazon® Card

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    WINNER: Tara Meyerink


    GOAL: "I want to get a new camera. I want to fulfill my dream of being a wildlife photographer.”


  • Contest #83: Microsoft Xbox LIVE® Gold Membership

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    WINNER: Sarahi Ordaz


    GOAL: "Win the gold membership for my little brother"

  • Contest #96: 2 SF Giants® vs. LA Dodgers® Tickets

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    WINNER: Karli Zevalkink


    GOAL: "Go to my first baseball game with my boyfriend and surprise him with tickets for one of his favorite teams!"

  • Contest #82: $50 Starbucks® Card

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    WINNER: Jamie Moseley


    GOAL: "Make it through the rest of the semester. With only 7 weeks left in the semester, I definitely need to buckle down as things get crazy! I'm anticipating long nights and early mornings in the weeks ahead, so coffee will definitely be a necessity and Starbucks is always my go to.”


  • Contest #81: Amazon NEW Kindle®

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    WINNER: Mikayla Marshall


    GOAL: "Trying to read 100 books by the end of summer"

  • Contest #80: $50 Whole Foods® Card

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    WINNER: Mehana Lee


    GOAL: "Eat most of my meals at home and avoid going out to eat everyday"

  • Contest #95: 2 Oakland A's® vs. LA Angels of Anaheim® Tickets

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    WINNER: Elizabeth Duran


    GOAL: "Hope everyone has a happy Easter with their loved ones.😌"

  • Contest #79: $50 Sports Authority® Card

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    WINNER: Jason Reynolds


    GOAL: "Raise the money to go to Hawaii. Me and my football team fundraise the money to make it to Hawaii”


  • Contest #78: $50 GameStop® Card

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    WINNER: Bryce Chambers


    GOAL: "I want to play college football"

  • Contest #77: $50 Amazon® Card

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    WINNER: Morgan Yuvienco


    GOAL: "Start a Business. I really love the idea of creating my own business, and getting to learn so many things from achieving this. I want to open an Etsy shop where I will sell homemade stickers for planners that are meant to keep you organized. I'm determined to learn the sticker making process, and eventually be able to sell my own products on Etsy!”



  • Contest #74: $400 Southwest Airlines® Card

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    WINNER: Natalie Howard


    GOAL: "I would love to see a Broadway production in NYC!"

  • Contest #72: NBA® Jersey of Your Choice

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    WINNER: Marc Gonzalez

    GOAL: "Have a Kobe Bryant jersey. My family is a Los Angeles Lakers family and everyone has a jersey except for me. My goal is to get myself a Kobe Bryant Jersey before the year ends.”


  • Contest #70: Withings Pulse O2® Smart Activity Tracker

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    WINNER: Stephanie Barker


    GOAL: "Run the Disney World Princess half marathon!"

  • Contest #68: $400 Southwest Airlines® Card

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    WINNER: Julia Clark

    GOAL: "Fly to Pennsylvania to reunite with my other half. This is one of those moments in life that I will regret missing forever. I studied abroad in Ireland and found "my people." The people that understand you to your core. The people that would turn their lives upside down to help you. And they did, countless times while I was abroad. Danny lives in Ireland and is coming to  Pennsylvania  to meet up with Leanna and Emily who live there. Unfortunately I am the only part of this equation that live across the country in CA. They cannot afford to come to me and I cannot afford to get there. I have been saving up but due to some medical issues and my tuition for the second semester of my senior year being due, I couldn't afford the plane ticket. It breaks my heart because it is a situation where I don't know when I will ever see them again considering Danny lives literally half a world away. I miss and talk to them everyday over viber, seeing them would be inexplicable.”


  • Contest #66: Disneyland Park Hopper® Tickets

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    WINNER: Paolo Alhambra

    GOAL: "Take my girlfriend to Disneyland. I'm flying to California at the end of March to visit her during her Spring Break.  We've been together for almost 4 years, and it would be a great experience to go to Disneyland together :D”


  • Contest #65: $50 Amazon® Card

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    WINNER: Donny Edwards

    GOAL: "Run a half marathon in 2015. This Sunday at the Surf City Marathon! Haven't had the chance to run a full 13.1 miles yet, so this Sunday will be my first race and first time running this distance...All 3 of my Children will be rooting me I guess I have won even before I have started. Good Luck to all that are running this Sunday...Ill be out there giving it my all with you! “


  • Contest #64: $50 Regal Entertainment® Card

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    Goal: “Receiving a scholarship or grant for college.”


    “Winning the Gift card was great! I took my family out to go see a movie and it was amazing. Thank you voloe for picking me!” – Stephanie M. 03/11/2015

  • Contest #60: $50 Sports Authority® Card

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    Goal: “Run a 1/2 marathon in 10 states in 2015”


    "This is really a great site.  Everyone one here is so supportive and really helps to motivate me to keep on track.  I recently won a $50 gift card to Sports Authority and I used it to help me stay on my goal of being healthy and running a few new states this year.  I really enjoy the community feel on Voloe.  I Can't wait to set some new goals and achieve them!" – Kristin M. 02/27/2015

  • Contest #59: $50 Best Buy® Card

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    Goal: "Get my son a small digital camera"


    “I think winning something on Voloe makes accomplishing your goals even better. I was happy about winning because I got something to push me to accomplish more goals. Thank you Voloe for everything, I think what you are doing is great.” – Jannet G. 02/05/2015

  • Quotes from Voloers who Won Cash!

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     “My main goal for this past holiday season was to give more gifts than I would receive. Winning the $100 cash was so helpful in helping achieve this goal. I was able to refocus my priorities and give gifts to my family and friends that put huge smiles on their faces, and an even bigger one on mine. Thank you Voloe for helping me achieve this goal!” –Melissa C. 1/23/2015


    “The money I won went towards my fundraising goal for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I have raised money for this cause every year since I lost both of my parents to suicide in 2010. Thanks to the money I won I was able to raise over $600.” –Emily L. 1/18/2015 


    "It was great to win money through Voloe! I believe in the goal of helping to make people's dreams a reality, and it was quite exciting to learn that I had won! It will greatly help me in accomplishing many of the goals that I have listed on my dashboard! Thanks Voloe!" -Jennifer G. 11/15/2014


    "The winning could not have come at a better time...[my girlfriend] was exhausted from home-life and work-life. My wish was to bring her a little joy and a weekend of smiles. Winning the contest made that happen." -Joe H. 9/20/2014


    "I view writing down my goals on the site as adding validity and accountability to my goals and winning a prize is just the icing on the cake." -Brian C. 9/19/2014


    "I did exactly what I told myself I'd do if I won!! I went out and bought a bunch of super cute new gym clothes to keep my motivation for working out off the charts!!" -Elizabeth D. 9/12/2014


    "Thanks Voloe for the $100! I can put this money towards building my Vanity and buying more make up!" -Angeline G. 9/3/2014


    “Sometimes you don't have the money to help out but this month I was able to donate to ALS, MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving) and the American Cancer society. [It] helped me get more involved…. Thanks Voloe!” -Desmond H. 9/3/2014


    “Thank you for helping me win contest #8... xoxoxoxo … My goal for today is to Spread the LOVE!” -Melissa L. 8/31/2014



    “I got to New York City two weeks ago to good the Book Expo of America and BookCon before starting the Summer Publishing Institute at NYU. It has been the most amazing whirlwind of meeting authors and agents and publishers, and sadly more expensive than I previously estimated, so this $100 is such a blessing that will make it possible to start eating something other than $1 pizza in NYC! Thanks Voloe!” – Meg Mardian 6/5/2014


    List of other cash winners: Dena N., Candace M., Jordan S., Robert W., Alex P., Lauren G., Maggie H., Katie T., Amanda G., Mia B., Delaney G., Jenny R., Kjerstine M., Anjellica P., Shamica A.

  • Contest #57: Win $250 Cash

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    "I am beyond grateful for the generosity of Voloe! After hearing all that Voloe has to offer, it seemed too good to be true. I continued making goals and entering contests, never EVER thinking that I could actually win. Hopeful, I didn’t give up. In only a few short weeks, I watched two of my friends win prizes on Voloe - a pair of gorgeous Beats headphones, and a $100 Cash prize. Still, I never expected to win myself.


    Receiving the Congratulations email could not have come at a more perfect time. It had been a long, stressful day of receiving bad news upon bad news. When I saw that I had won, it IMMEDIATELY brightened up my day! My goal was to jump off of a rock in Santorini, Greece. In a few short weeks, I am gearing up to study abroad in Florence, Italy for 5 months. As you can imagine, these trips could be QUITE expensive when you factor in travel, lodging, food, etc. Winning the $250 cash prize only a few weeks before I left for my excursion gave me hope that this trip will be graceful, successful, and memorable. It was a seed that will launch me on my trip, and give me financial flexibility to form profound memories in Europe. I am beyond grateful for this website, and its GENEROUS gestures for people striving for their goals." - Sara H. 01/08/2015

  • Contest #49: PlayStation®4 Console

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    WINNER: Miguel Gonzalez


    GOAL: "Save up money for my children's Chritsmas and birthday gifts. My youngest two sons have been wanting a Playstation for a while."

  • December Gifts and Treats

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    "I was so excited to win the $100 gift card from Amazon because of the amount of dollars I am spending on triathlon equipment and gear.  I am registered for Arizona Ironman in November and I am training many hours to be prepared for this event." -Andrea J. 1/18/2015

    List of other winners: Devon H., Doug M., Sahar B., Katie P., Brianna G., Caden M.

  • Contest #47: GoPro HERO 3© Camera

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    WINNER: Wilson Trang


    Work Hard, Play Hard

    Wilson Trang is a weekend warrior; he works hard and likes to play hard. Wilson works long hours every day doing his best to go the extra mile to help people. He works as a special education aid, helping individuals with autism and other such mental issues. His life goal has always been to help people; it gives him so much satisfaction knowing that he was able to brighten someone’s day with a small gesture. Needless to say Wilson has a very busy schedule and his time off is extremely valuable to him.


    On weekends Wilson likes to unwind with his friends and go on exciting adventures. He’s had some cool adventures ranging from Blacklist LA, where the participant runs through Los Angeles at night, to simply hanging out with friends in Palm Springs. The adventures are plenty and he’s out to find them.


    Nonetheless, there is one adventure Wilson has been dying to have and that is road tripping to New Orleans. He wants to be able to experience the amazing culture, the amazing food, and all the history of this cultural hub. But anyone who visits New Orleans would love to have as many memories of the city as possible. Therefore, we at Voloe decided that Wilson was the best candidate to receive the GoPro® Hero 3. We look forward to the awesome pictures you’ll post Wilson, and we wish you luck on all your next awesome adventures!

  • Contest #45: Disneyland Park Hopper® Tickets

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    WINNER: Meghan Fasano

  • Contest #43: $400 Southwest Airlines® Card

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    WINNER: Terry Stinson


    GOAL: "Take my beautiful, college graduating girlfriend to New York before 2015 ends"




    Terry Stinson is a young man with a big heart. One of his dreams has been to treat his girlfriend to a surprise trip to New York City! His girlfriend has just graduated from Chapman University and to celebrate this amazing achievement, Terry wants to give her an amazing travel experience. He wants to grow and mature with his girlfriend through these experiences in new places. And what better way to celebrate graduation and the start of a new chapter than a trip to the city that never sleeps! Well Terry, we hope you and your girlfriend have an awesome trip! And remember keep on Voloe-ing!!!

  • Contest #41: P90X3® Workout Kit

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    WINNER: Jaclyn Mauk


    Go Big or Go Home

    Jaclyn is far along on her way towards achieving her goal: she hopes to run a half marathon with her dad in the next 6 months and then will be running a full marathon in a year. Jaclyn is really motivated to not only working out with her dad and making sure to stick to a routine, but she’s also motivating her roommate to join her!


    Beyond being a runner, Jaclyn is also a thrill seeker! She’s always looking for new and exciting things to do when she’s bored. Jaclyn is planning on skydiving during spring break next year. “Go big or go home” really has become her motto and we think that’s awesome!


    Being a college student, it can get pretty stressful to find the time to train but Jaclyn has no problem at all. She believes it’s “all about making time for yourself” and we agree with her. So we decided to set Jaclyn up with an awesome P90X3 workout kit to make sure she’s prepared for the marathon. From everyone at Voloe, we wish you luck Jaclyn!  

  • Contest #39: NFL® Jersey of Your Choice

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    WINNER: Leslie Orozco

    GOAL: “Raise Melanoma awareness”


    “My boyfriend passed away from melanoma cancer 2 months ago and my goal is to raise as much melanoma awareness as possible so that at least one less person has to go through it.”

  • Contest #35: Rosetta Stone® Language of Your Choice

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    WINNER: Samantha Lapid


    The Travelling Polyglot

    Samantha Lapid is a polyglot; she currently knows English, Tagalog and Spanish and would love to learn more languages. Currently she’s set her sights on learning French before her medical internship this summer. Samantha is an active individual, majoring in both Biology and Spanish and juggling her sorority responsibilities. It’s surprising that she has time to do it all, and to top it off she wants to learn a new language.


    With her upcoming trip to Spain, Samantha wants to make sure she’s done her best to communicate with the different people she’ll meet on her travels. She plans on visiting France while living in Spain this summer and engaging in the language. Her goal is to become a fluent speaker and she made sure Voloe knew it.


    When asked about her experience with Voloe, Samantha stated that her favorite part was being able to learn more about her sorority sisters. Voloe has brought them further together and the same sentiment is the root of her passion for languages. With this in mind, we at Voloe could not find a better candidate to receive a Rosetta Stone® Language pack; French of course. We wish you luck Samantha and we hope your experience in Europe is unforgettable.  

  • Contest #33: Xbox One® Console

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    WINNER: Steve Legacki

    Goal: “To truly love that special someone. As I get older, I want to meet that special someone and love her with every[thing] I got. Trying to find her is the struggle in life but it's completely worth it in the end.”


  • Contest #31: Beats Solo™2 Headphones

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    WINNER: Pua Iwamoto


    Study to the Beat of Your Own Drum

    Pua Iwamoto is a high-spirited business student whose workload has recently tripled. The work has piled up so much as of late that she decided to come on to Voloe and make a goal to study with her friend Darpan. We hope Darpan heard her cry for help because school can get difficult. And let’s face it, studying is a lot more fun when you have a buddy with you.


    We’re not sure if Darpan was able to make time to study with Pua, but not to worry Pua, if Darpan can’t make it at least you got some sick new Beats Solo 2 headphones. These suckers should get you back into the studying mindset. They’ll block out that noisy library and transport you to your own personal study haven. Get ready to unwind and feel at ease while studying. 

  • Contest #28: Amazon NEW Kindle®

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    WINNER: Brittany Walsh


    Oh, The Places You'll Go

    Brittany Walsh has valued creativity since she was in elementary school; she would sit and read with her friends for fun and even started writing her own stories. But as time would have it, after she reached high school, she got too busy to read or write anymore. School took over & we’ve all been there.


    All of this changed when Brittany got to college: she found out she could be a creative writing major and she’s started writing a lot more now! But unfortunately she still had the issue where she doesn’t have time to read for herself. In college especially, she’s had to read for school and that’s taken over a lot of her time.


    It’s not easy for Brittany to make time for reading. She likes to experience books, engross herself in books, and grow as a writer from them. She feels that every book will teach her something new. She finally decided this summer to start reading again, and she’s finished quite a few books. Well Brittany, here at Voloe we believe in you. We want you to read the 50 books on your list and many more! So we went ahead and awarded Brittany with a new Amazon Kindle, her new portal into the world of literature! We wish her luck in the new adventures to come in the world of literature. 

  • Contest #26: Squier by Fender® Strat Guitar Set

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    WINNER: Makena Costlow


    Makena’s Road to Stardom!

    Makena Costlow was born to be in the spotlight! Makena has been letting her creative juices flow since she was very young. And with a parent in TV production, why not? She’s gunning for the top and there’s nothing stopping her!


    As a child, Makena was always intrigued by showbiz. She started making her own videos when she was in 3rd Grade and as she grew, she learned even more media skills. By the time Makena had reached 6th grade she was making videos using Windows Movie Maker, even using them to supplement her school projects! In 8th grade she started writing her own screenplays, but she hasn’t stopped there—Makena is on the path towards stardom!


    In recent years, Makena hasn’t stopped making her own videos but she’s expanded quite a bit. Lately, she has been creating parodies with her sister and she’s rapping quite a bit. She even took her rap skills to YouTube where she reached minor fame for her awesome parody of “Rack City” by Tyga title “Snack City.”


    Makena is not stopping there though! She recently performed her famous “Snack City” parody at a Relay 4 Life event on her campus. Makena has eyes on the prize and she’s doing everything possible so Voloe thought we’d help her get her music career jumpstarted! Congratulations Makena on winning the Squier by Fender® Strat Guitar set! We hope to see you on the red carpet soon! 

  • Contest #23: $400 Southwest Airlines® Card

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    WINNER: Hannah Alexander


    A Weekend Break

    Hannah Alexander is a long way from home: she studies on the West Coast in Southern California but she’s originally from the East Coast. Needless to say, she hardly gets to see her family. Not only that, but Hannah is constantly on the move. Between school, Greek life, and social life, it’s a miracle Hannah finds anytime to sleep. We at Voloe read about Hannah’s story and thought that she could definitely use some much needed R&R.


    Hannah is our first Voloe member to win a $400 Southwest Gift Card and we couldn’t have chosen a better winner. Hannah decided that with her Southwest trip she wanted to surprise her parents, and that’s the exact plan that was set in motion. She was supposed to surprise her dad at the airport and then surprise her mother. Both her parents were extremely confused upon seeing her; the first thing that popped into their heads was “aren’t you supposed to be 3,000 miles away?!?” but they were very happy.


    All in all, Hannah had a special weekend. She was able to see her parents again and get some needed rest before getting back to the hustle and bustle of life. Congratulations, Hannah! Keep on Voloe-ing!

  • Contest #25: NFL® Jersey of Your Choice

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    WINNER: Christopher Milz


    The Lion King

    Christopher Milz loves sports but if there’s one thing Christopher likes more than sports it’s his hometown team the Detroit Lions! Even though he’s stated that his team has no chance to make the Super Bowl he continues to cheer them on because of loyalty. Though he’s a die-hard Lions fan, he’s never been able to see his favorite player, Stafford, play at Ford Field, but he plans to.


    Christopher has aspirations to one day utilize his love of football and sports in general to become a successful sports columnist. Christopher’s love of sports keeps his dream alive but we know that even after he becomes a famous sports columnist he’ll always cheer for his Detroit Lions. His passion for the Lions burns hot so we at Voloe decided that it’s time that Christopher wears his colors proudly! We’ve set Christopher up with a brand new Detroit Lions Stafford Jersey that he can wear when he visits Ford Field. We’re sure he’ll fit right in with his fellow fans. 

  • Contest #15: PlayStation®4 Console

    Posted on

    WINNER: Maximillian Stocchero


    The Elves Strike Back!

    Max Stocchero is an elf who has made a huge change in his life, he stood up to Santa; Santa has been working these elves down for years and finally Max has had enough! He made a goal exclaiming how he wished to “break free of the rule of Santa Claus”.  Well Voloe is happy to report he has broken free and will be enjoying his new PS4 with his elven brethren provided by our little elves at Voloe.


    No longer will Max have to suffer not playing with the awesome toys and games he makes but now he can sit down and enjoy them on his free time. But free time is a scarce commodity for Max.  Not only does Max go to school every day he also has a job working at a daycare center caring for a group of 15 kids. It’s hard work, working with that many kids, but he enjoys it; he states that it’s a rewarding experience. The kids have become more like friends to him, which is perfect. The trust he gains now will prepare him for his next possible job as Santa Claus.


    Needless to say, Max is a busy elf. During his free time he’s now able to visit the many fantasy worlds his PS4 can offer him. Not only that but he has many of his elf brethren who haven’t been able to break free from Santa visit him and join in on a little R&R playing video games. It’s a welcomed change!


    Now that Max is no longer an elf but a young man with a bright future, he plans to work hard on his goals, wishes and dreams. With the help and encouragement of the Voloe community I’m sure he’ll be able to realize them all. We wish you luck Max in the real world away from Santa and the video game world, blowing up some alien invaders!

  • Contest #14: GoPro HERO 3® Camera

    Posted on

    WINNER: Jeremy Myers


    A New Baby, A New GoPro, A Whole New World To Discover!

    For Jeremy Myers, a whole new world lies ahead of him. Sleepless nights. New Friends. New goals. A bright new future. In many ways, his life sounds like the life of Voloe.


    And in many ways his life is like the life of Voloe. After all, Voloe has just been born into this world, and Jeremy has just had a new baby born into this world. To help celebrate this new life, Voloe decided to give Jeremy a new GoPro camera. That way he can capture his new baby’s early life in stunningly beautifully Hi-Def 1080p resolution.


    It’s an exciting time for Jeremy and Voloe alike.


    And, although slightly less than he is for his new baby, Jeremy is really excited about all that’s brewing over at Voloe. ‘I really feel like social-media is coming of age, and Voloe is on the forefront of its adolescence.’  According to Jeremy, Voloe is a movement and, ‘…soon everyone will be moving along with it.’


    Well, Jeremy, we couldn’t agree more. Voloe is a movement. A movement that aims to give social media a purpose. We can’t wait to see what happens when everyone jumps on board.


    But while we’re waiting, send us some cute baby videos. I mean, you’ve got the camera for it, let’s show all the other parents how much cuter your kid is than theirs!

  • Contest #6: Microsoft Surface® RT 32 GB Tablet

    Posted on

    WINNER: Nick Corbin


    Microsoft, Voloe and the Greater Good!

    Nick Corbin. Middle school English teacher. Loving father. Devoted husband. Goal setter. Oh, and Voloe’s latest winner!


    Yep, Nick Corbin believes in Voloe. He loves setting goals, and because he used Voloe to help set his goals Nick is now the owner of a brand new Microsoft Surface Tablet (compliments of Voloe), as we think it will help him accomplish his self-imposed mission of ‘furthering the greater good!’


    As Nick puts it, ‘that’s how I see Voloe…a tool that can be utilized for the greater good.’ He likes that Voloe stays positive and encourages users to publish the things they want to do in life. After all, as Nick puts it, ‘…the first step to accomplishing a goal is to actually decide that it’s something you want to accomplish.’ And, well, Nick likes that Voloe encourages its users to do just that – decide that they want to accomplish a goal.


    And for that, we want to encourage Nick to continue his journey. And, well, hopefully that Microsoft Surface Tablet we gave him helps him in doing so!

  • Contest #5: Colorado Rockies @ San Francisco Giants

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    WINNER: Trista Hansen

  • Contest #4: Katy Perry Live at the United Center in Chicago

    Posted on

    WINNER: Joe Stocchero


    His Teenage Daughter’s Dream Come True

    Joe Stocchero’s life revolves around kids. He helps raise his step-daughter. He’s made a career at the boy-scouts. He’s an all-around role-model for young minds looking for guidance.


    So what better way to help his teenage step-daughter find guidance than to send her and a friend to the Katy Perry concert in Chicago Illinois this weekend!!! OMG, right?


    Okay, maybe we’re stretching a little on this one, but it is a dream come true for Joe’s teenage step-daughter. And who could blame her. I mean, Katy is so fab, and so CSA that her and her BFF needed to go so they could tell all their friends that they BTDTGTS so Joe thought he better get those tickets ASAP because seeing his little girl happy ensures ADIP for him and a little QT while they’re away.


    LOL – Even I’m lost!


    But Joe’s step-daughter and her BFF weren’t lost. They fit right in with the thousands of other screaming fans. And, well, that makes Joe Stocchero a happy man.


    And it makes us over here at Voloe happy, too. Or as the kiddies would say, it makes us :-).

  • Contest #3: Justin Timberlake Live at the AT&T Center in TX

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    WINNER: Chris Gamez


    One Step Closer To Meeting JT

    ‘When I joined Voloe, I said that I want to meet Justin Timberlake. And now, thanks to Voloe, I’m one step closer!’


    Chris Gamez, Voloe’s most recent winner gets to go to the JT concert in San Antonio this week, thanks to Voloe bringing his experience to fruition. And, well, he’s going to try and find a way to actually meet JT himself!


    Chris, a self-described ‘air-force brat’, grew up in several different areas. Travel was a regular thing for him and is still his main focus in life. ‘More parts of Europe, Asia and Australia – that’s where I want to go’, states Chris. He hopes to continue to bring his goals and dreams to fruition with Voloe.


    ‘Voloe’s a way for me to openly work toward making my mark on the world!’ 


    Currently, Chris works as a barista at Starbucks but he envisions a future where he puts his degree to better use and focuses his energy on creative writing in order to further his aspirations in PR and Advertising.


    Well Chris, Voloe is here to help you make your goals and dreams a reality! But for now – let’s hope that you get to meet Mr. Timberlake! 

  • Contest #2: One Direction Live at MetLife Stadium in NJ

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    WINNER: Madelyn Collins


    North, South, East, West – There’s Only ONE One Direction

    Fourteen years old. So much going on. School. After school activities. Chores. Friends. The mall. All getting in the way of what you actually want to do – GO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!


    Well, thanks to Voloe, the life of one New Jersey fourteen-year-old got a little less complicated. After all, Voloe sponsored a One Direction experience for her and friend. So, for a brief moment in time, this young girl’s life will be simple. Listen, scream, repeat.


    I mean, why not scream the whole time. In her own words – ‘I’ve liked them since I’ve been in 6th grade…I have their poster on my wall.’ Well, who doesn’t? I mean, they are One Direction. See them live, and life is, well, complete.


    Okay, One Direction isn’t the only thing this fourteen-year-old likes. She’s a big fan of creative-writing, and she loves to read. She counts Harry Potter as one of her favorites. I wonder if J.K. Rowling got to see One Direction live in East Rutherford this week? Probably not. So, I guess she’s not as lucky as this fourteen-year-old is!!!


    Here at Voloe, we’re just happy to bring a young-girl’s dreams to fruition. We can’t wait to see what other things she wants to accomplish in life. Hopefully we can help her accomplish those things too!

  • Contest #1: Beyonce & Jay Z Live at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA

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    WINNER: Chris Dihn


    Winner, Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

    Voloe has its first winner – Chris Dihn, who’s going to see Beyonce & JayZ at the Rose Bowl!


    After a few weeks of working the kinks out and learning a little bit about our user’s goals and dreams, Voloe’s sponsored a smaller dream for one SoCal twenty-something – seeing Jay Z live in concert!


    Until now, Chris had yet to win anything. And although he ‘figured he wouldn’t win this time either’, he rolled the dice, and it paid off! ‘I like Beyonce and all, but I always wanted to see JayZ, I just didn’t really have the money to go’, said Chris when he was at the Voloe offices picking up his tickets. But now, thanks to Voloe, Chris gets to experience JayZ for free – And we even sprinkled a little Beyonce on top just for good measure!


    Chris was very excited about the opportunity to just go out and have fun. As an entry-level software engineer, Chris is strapped with work, and doing everything he can to climb the corporate ladder. At this time in his life, jetting off to a few hundred-dollar-concert isn’t normally in the cards. But, because he expressed his desire to do so on Voloe, Chris is going, and he’s bringing a friend too.


    According to Chris, ‘JT would have been his first choice’, but he realized that we were bringing that experience to life for one of our Texas users. So he got on the JayZ and Beyonce train, and never looked back.


    Well, hopefully Chris’ Monday morning is a little bit easier after blowing off some steam last night.


    Congratulations, Chris. You’ll go down in history as Voloe’s first winner. Hope we’re as special to you as you are to us!